We don’t just want you to enjoy our coffee – we want you to fall in love with its story.


Welcome to Mzllah, a master roastery combined with social space and coffee shop, located in the UAE’s most picturesque Emirate – Fujairah.


What’s in a Name?

The name Mzllah is no accident. It celebrates the ancient traditions of Bedouin coffee brewing that are our inspiration. Traditional coffee rituals called for three types of Dallat – or coffee pots – when preparing and serving Arabic coffee. The coffee was brewed with cardamom in the hard-wearing Dallah Al Khamrah. The brew was then steeped with additional herbs and spices in the Dallah Al Talgeemah.

The hero of our story is the elegantly patterned Dallah Al Mzllah, used to serve coffee to guests and representing the climax of the coffee ritual.
The Mzllah inspires us, in name and spirit. It reminds us of old traditions of hospitality, and of that special moment where coffee is served and conversation begins.

Café and Social Space

Surrounded by the majesty of the Hajar Mountains, Mzllah café is our social space. It’s where warm welcomes are the norm, and the Emirati tradition of hospitality and carefully brewed coffee comes to vibrant life. It’s where stories are shared, conversations struck and friendships strengthened — always over a cup of the finest speciality coffee with handpicked beans.

Mzllah’s ethos is simple — to elevate the craft of coffee, changing it from a beverage to an immersive journey of flavours. We don’t just want you to experience coffee, but understand it, and engage with it. Every note has meaning, and every aroma narrates a tale of beans carefully sourced and roasted with care.


Mzllah the master roastery is on a mission — to be a hub of education and information about the art of coffee. Mzallah operates an educational space offering training courses to afficionados and baristas alike. It’s where coffee enthusiasts learn the delicate art of cupping and tasting, and the impact harvest time and altitude have on single origin beans. The roastery also offers carefully-calibrated signature blends to cafes, offices and homes.

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