Your speciality coffee hub and social space. Fujairah’s artisanal coffee hub and social space. Good food. Great coffee. Warm welcomes. Master roastery and speciality café.

Master roastery
and speciality café.
Good food. Great coffee.
Warm welcomes.
Good food. Great coffee.
Warm welcomes.


Welcome to Mzllah, a master roastery, social space and coffee shop, located in the UAE’s most picturesque Emirate – Fujairah. Our goal is to elevate the craft of coffee, changing it from a beverage to an immersive journey of flavours. We don’t just want you to experience coffee, but understand it, and engage with it.

We’re sharing our passion for coffee with the world. Explore our award-winning speciality coffees, browse our gift shop, find a training course or simply drop in for a great cup of coffee and delicious food.


Brazil is renowned for its mild, nutty-flavored coffee, thanks to its ideal climate and rich soil. With a history dating back to the 18th century, Brazil remains a global coffee giant, supplying a significant share of the world’s coffee beans.

Brewing Brilliance


Ethiopian coffee is famous for its diverse and distinct flavors, ranging from floral to fruity. It’s deeply embedded in Ethiopian culture, celebrated through traditional coffee ceremonies, and its various regions offer unique taste experiences.

Exquisite Flavours

El Salvador

El Salvador This yellow Caturra Anaerobic Natural from Finca La Providencia is the natural product of knowledge – and the drive to innovate – has been passed down to owners Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez.

El Salvador


located high up in the Valle Del Cauca, a beautiful region in the south-west of the country. Mallorca is a farm that produces from Caturra to more prized varieties such as Wush Wush and Geisha.


Costa Rica

On January 2013, The Facusse Family (Honduras), teamed up with CAMILO MERIZALDE to develop TRES MILAGROS FARM in the Dota-Tarrazu region in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Indonesia Gayo New

Named for the endangered Indonesian pangolin, this coffee displays a classic Indonesian profile: Full-bodied, spicy with a flavour of dark chocolate. This unique flavour profile is rarely achieved from other origins and owes to the combination of geography, soil, climate, varieties,



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